Birthday celebrations (individual and group)

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aniversari al zoo taller mira i toca

¡Celebrate your birthday party at the Zoo! 

For children (recommended for children over 4 years)

All the time with a Zoo Educators for visit your favourite animals: the animals of farm, animals of terrarium or the dolphins (only individual birthday). And of course a special breakfast for all the guest with cake anniversary…We expect you!

For less than 10 guests

Zoo Club membersNon Zoo Club members

235.00 €

additional guest: 23.50

280.00 €

additional guest: 28.00 €

For more than 15 guests

Zoo Club membersNon Zoo Club members

296.85 €

additional guest: 23.50

352.90 €

additional guest: 28.00 €


For groups under 8 years old, special prices for less than 30 kids.

Zoo Club membersNon Zoo Club members

408.90 € / group

526.55 € / group 

You have to book your party at least one week before the date, Limited spaces!
You must do the party's payment when you book it.
You will have to pay 5,60€ for all the guests that don't come.


Saturday and Sunday from 10.15 a.m. to 12.45 p.m.


Barcelona Zoo reserves the right to change or cancel scheduled activities if there is an insufficient number of guests if any incident that justifies it should occur.