Zoo rules

There are days on which the Zoo has many visitors. To ensure that your visit is more comfortable, safer and more respectful for adults, children and Zoo inhabitants, please follow the following rules:


marieta 1

Once your ticket has been purchased, the money will not be refunded for any reason.

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You cannot leave the Zoo and come back in without buying another ticket.

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Keep your ticket while you are in the Zoo, as you may be asked to show it to authorised personnel.

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Children under 13 years of age cannot enter the Zoo unless accompanied by an adult.

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Touching and feeding the animals is strictly forbidden. Any disrespectful behaviour towards the animals, Zoo staff or other visitors may be penalised with the immediate expulsion of the persons responsible.

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The safety barriers around the facilities cannot be passed.

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Entry is not permitted with pets (with the exception of guide dogs – Law 19/2009, of 26 November 2009 – with their relevant documents relating to their health and status as a guide dog) or with objects that may inconvenience other visitors or affect the wellbeing and/or health of the animals (bicycles, skateboards, skates, balls, balloons, music players, etc.).

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No photographs can be taken for professional or commercial aims without first receiving express authorisation from the Zoo.

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The Barcelona Zoo is not liable for damages or losses caused by disobeying these rules or the improper use of their facilities.

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There are specific rules available to the public for visiting specific facilities, as well as for using the different services on offer.

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There are facilities with limited capacity. Buying Zoo tickets does not guarantee access to these installations.

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The Organisers reserve the right to change and/or amend the programme of activities and to close any facility due to technical, biological and/or meteorological criteria. In particular, the duration of light at dusk throughout the year may mean that some animals are withdrawn from view before the Zoo's scheduled closing time.

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ZOO CLUB MEMBERS: You must present your membership card to access the grounds.

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The right of admission is reserved.

Smoke free space. Marked smoking areas.

In respect of coexistence, it is not allowed to access the Zoo in topless.