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This space details the main news that has been written about the Barcelona Zoo. You can find press notes, information dossiers and graphic regulations on the Zoo.
We also make a series of high-resolution photographs available to the media of the animals living here. We simply ask you to please cite B:SM as the owner of the images, if you do indeed want to use them.

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Award ceremony of the Floquet de Neu Award for the best Baccalaureate Research Project and presentation of the Scholarships of the Barcelona Zoo Foundation


In todays event, the Education Department of the Zoo awarded the Floquet de Neu Award to the best Baccalaureate Research Project of 2016 and the Floquet de Neu, Antoni Jonch and PRIC (Research and Conservation Programme) scholarships of the Barcelona Zoo Foundation were presented...

The Zoo of Barcelona frees turtles in the stream of the Llobregat Delta


On Monday October 17, 26 Mediterranean pond turtles will be freed, 9 of which were born in the Zoo of Barcelona, to the Natural Space of the River (Cal Tet-ca l’Arana), a very large swamp (110 hectares) with different aquatic habitats (temporary flooding areas, ponds, channels and the river) and great food availability. 

A zebra and two spider monkeys are born in the Zoo of Barcelona


The last September 27 a zebra foal (Equus burchelli chapmanni) was born in the Zoo of Barcelona, and, according to the first examinations carried out by the caretakers, both the mother and the foal are in perfect health and can be visited at the facility they share with the gnus and the ostriches. It is a male, son of Clio and Lindi, who come from the Zoo of Bojnice (Slovakia) and the Zoo of Rotterdam (Netherlands), respectively.

Two dolphins from the Barcelona Zoo transferred to the Valencia Oceanogràfic


Two dolphins from the Barcelona Zoo were transferred to the Valencia Oceanogràfic under a baby lending system. This movement is in response to the recommendations suggested by the European Endangered Species Programme (EEP) for this species, so that the animals can continue their biological cycle. The transferred dolphins are named Leia, a 12-year-old female, and Kuni, a 10-year-old male, both born in Barcelona. The dolphins continue forming part of the Zoo Park’s animals, as the agreement with the Oceanogràfic was for a temporary 10 year assignment...

A giraffe under threat of extinction is born at the Zoo of Barcelona


The Zoo of Barcelona welcomed a male giraffe, born the last July 13, which is in good health condition. The giraffes of the Zoo belong to the subespecies rothschildi, listed under threat of extinction by the International Union for Conservation of Nature and Natural Resources (IUCN). The European Association of Zoos and Aquaria (EAZA) is currently engaged in a specific Endangered Species Programme (EEP) for giraffes, in which the Zoo of Barcelona, currently coordinated by the Zoo of Gelsenkirchen (Germany), takes part.

A sooty white-naped mangabey is born at the Zoo, an endangered species


On 8 July, a sooty white-naped mangabey was born at the Barcelona Zoo, one of the most endangered primate species in the world, originating from West Africa. The infant, in a good state of health, has been with his mother since he was born, and both of them can be visited in the primate gallery. This birth reflects the success of the European Conservation and Breeding Programme, which is coordinated from the Barcelona Zoo by Dr Maria Teresa Abelló.

El Zoo prepara les activitats infantils de l’estiu


This August the Zoo of Barcelona offers many activities for children in the Farm area. This leisure and educational offer will be carried out in the morning, every day of the week. The proposed activities aim to put children and their families in touch with the animals in the Farm, while teaching about the duties of the Farm’s caretakers in order to grant the well-being of the animals. Each race’s singularity and eating habits, and respect towards biodiversity are some of the content included in this proposal.

Lion born at the Zoo of Barcelona


The Zoo of Barcelona welcomed a male lion cub, born last March. Its parents, also born in Barcelona, are Run Run and Lutecio, who is the only adult male of the group. The new cub is in good health and can be visited at its facility.

The Barcelona Zoo Foundation awards over €80,000 in grants


The Barcelona Zoo Foundation awarded the grants that it allocates each year to research, conservation, protection and preservation projects for wild fauna and biodiversity. The grants delivered are Snowflake, Antoni Jonch and PRIC, for a total of 10 projects selected by the jury, out of the 25 applications received. The Foundation will contribute €81,837 to fund the 10 projects this year. Since 2009, it has awarded €743,406 for grants.

Two Addra gazelle babies born at the Barcelona Zoo


The Barcelona Zoo welcomed two new-born Addra gazelle babies, a species that is critically endangered in its natural habitat. The first calf was born on 19 February and the second on 24 May. Adding these two female calves, there have been 6 gazelles born at the Zoo in the last year and a half, showing the vitality of the group and the good work done by the professionals in charge of them.

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