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Concurs de dibuix

Concurs de dibuix

Timetable: De 10:00 a 19:00
Aquest any el Zoo de Barcelona fa 125 anys i busquem petits artistes que ens ajudin a commemorar-ho!
Zoo Storytelling


Timetable: De 16:00 a 17:00 / De 18:30 a 19:30
The animals are the heroes in exciting and fun stories.
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Take good care of it

Timetable: De 12:00 a 12:30 / De 12:30 a 13:00 / De 13:00 a 13:30
Adults and children alike will grow awareness of the importance of a responsible ownership for the well-being of animals and to protect many species of our surroundings. Weekends and holidays.
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Feeding the penguins

Timetable: De 11:00 a 13:30
Every morning, bird keepers prepare food for the penguins and bring it to their facilities to share it with them. Don’t lose this moment of maximum activity!
Farmer’s task

Farmer tasks

Timetable: De 11:00 a 11:30 / De 11:30 a 12:00
Children visiting the Zoo are invited to the Farm, where they can help us look after the sheep, goats, donkeys, etc. Weekends and holidays.   ACTIVITY CANCELLED ON SUNDAY MAY 21st
Spectacular invertebrates

Spectacular invertebrates 2

Timetable: De 12:00 a 16:00 / De 12:00 a 18:00
Centipedes, spiders, ladybugs, butterflies and many other small and not so small animals wait for you in this educational exhibition with living invertebrates
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Observació de dofins

Timetable: De 11:00 a 14:00 / De 15:00 a 18:00
Tots els dies a partir de les 11 h vine a observar els dofins a la seva instal·lació!

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