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Discovery Zoo 


We've organised this activity exclusive to the Zoo Club so you can get to know us better and we can answer your questions on the animals’ well-being, what can be done for conservation from a zoo and what the new Barcelona zoo will be like, a centre dedicated to preserving biodiversity and especially our nearest natural environments. You’ll be able to talk about all sorts of things with our educators, keepers and managers!


Don’t forget to bring your card and proof of purchase!



Meeting place: The Zoo’s information point (located at the entrance in C/ Wellington, next to the ticket office)


Schedule: 10:30 to 12:30

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Adults: €10 

Children aged 8 to 12: €5




Sometimes we may need to make a change in the schedule of activities or to cancel them if not enough people have joined the activity, due to the animals’ needs or because of some other incident.