The training of the elephants

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Would you like to see how do we train and take care of Susi, Yoyo and Bully?


On the weekends and holidays, two elephant training sessions in their facilities are announced over an intercom.


Through a special training fence, the keepers, specialised in taking care of the elephants, make them to show their paws, trunk and ears, to give them the pedicure – very important for their welfare- or to be able to extract samples to analyse easily and without getting stressed every time they need. This exercise is very good for them and they love it!


Susi, Yoyo and Bully are elephants from the species Loxondonta africana that were sheltered at the Zoo after having had difficult experiences with their owners. Those experiences let them physical and behavioural damages that, with affection, dedication and the special advice of an international expert, Zoo staff has reduced.


Sometimes it is necessary to modify or cancel scheduled activities due to animal needs or if any incident that justifies it occurs.


Dates: Weekends and holidays

Schedule: Sessions are announced through loudspeakers