Griffon vultures, Gyps fulvus

Three vultures born at the Zoo are to be released in the Balkans

Barcelona Zoo has a long experience in breeding birds and has always made efforts to conserve endangered birds - in particular scavengers such as vultures.


In the early 1970s, we developed the first initiative to create artificial feeding areas for vultures, which at that time were quite endangered in our country. A few years later in 1991, five griffon vultures (Gyps fulvus) were sent to Montpellier as part of a reintroduction project led by "Groupe de Recherche et d’Information Sur les Vertebrés" in Cévennes National Park.


Dorcas gazelles Zoo de Barcelona

Six Dorcas gazelles born at Zoo, 10 years after first reintroduction of these animals in Senegal

Following the instructions of the coordinator of the European Endangered Species Programme (EEP) for the Dorcas gazelle (Gazella dorcas osiris), last year in May a young male of this species arrived at the zoo from Africa, with the mission of renewing the genetic line of the population living in European zoos. The ‘Asturian’ as the caretakers call this new breeding male—because he was born at a breeding centre in Asturias—has done a great job and has already become a father to four males and two females.