1 September, International Primate Day

1 de setembre, Dia Internacional dels Primats

Next Wednesday 1 September is International Primate Day, and this weekend we’re celebrating at the Zoo with the friends of SOS Primates. Come along and take part in the activities we’ve organised so you can find out more about these fascinating animals, and how to help them!


 28 and 29 August

Next to the orangutan enclosure


  • Throughout the day there’ll be a stand providing information about primates and the work of SOS Primates, where you can make a donation.


  • Saturday and Sunday from 10 am to 1 pm, “Make your own T-Shirt” workshop (€12).


  • Sunday at 12 noon and 1.30 pm, Storytelling.



See you there!


SOS Primates is a non-profit organisation which spreads the word about the problems affecting our closest relations, working for their protection and well-being, goals that are shared by Barcelona Zoo, which has been collaborating with the NGO since it was first founded. The organisation has close links with the Lwiro Primates Rehabilitation Centre (Democratic Republic of Congo). SOS Primates was founded in 2012 by a multi-disciplinary group of people, some with connections to the world of primatology, animal well-being and conservation, and the president, Raúl Cabrera, is a specialist keeper at Barcelona Zoo.


sos primates


We have many species of primates at the Zoo, and all of them are endangered by human activity and threatened by climate change, which is accelerating the degradation of their habitats. Through our work at the Zoo and on the ground, always side by side with other zoos and many institutions and organisations dedicated to their conservation, we make an important contribution towards conserving these wonderful animals and trying to save them from extinction - an extinction which is many cases appears inevitable unless we take action immediately. And your help is valuable too!


Images SOS Primates