Let’s welcome Gordo, the Iberian wolf!

Zoo Barcelona

The 8-year-old male Iberian wolf Gordo arrived at Barcelona Zoo on 17 May.


After being rejected by the pack he lived with at the Parc Zoologique in Paris, he was looking for a new home. The European Endangered Species Programme (EEP) Iberian wolf coordinator decided it would be fitting to bring him to Barcelona to keep our female wolf Ares, who is of a similar age, company.


So far, Gordo seems to have adapted very well to his new home. He likes to mark his territory, search, dig for and eat the meat his keepers give him in ways that not only make him take longer to eat it - just like in the wild - but also encourage him to exercise and strengthen his muscles.


Llop ibèric


Gordo and Ares change over enclosures every day to naturally get used to each other through smell.