#LetsChangeTheDefinitionOfZoo: Because our zoo and what the dictionary says are not the same

#LetsChangeThe DefinitionOfZoo

As we see that the definition our dictionaries give for the word ‘zoo’ do not match reality, we've decided that we will try to change it.


The normal dictionary definition is limited to describing them as places where exotic animals are exhibited to the public, and this definition just does not seem like enough for describing well what we actually do. We see ourselves as a display case for the contemplation, and very much for the study, of wild animals, not to speak of the zoo’s proactive tasks on basic issues such as its participation in conservation and reintroduction projects for endangered species, research related to biodiversity, both at the zoo and in their own natural habitats, and educational activities to foster respect for nature.


Zoos have evolved over time, and a modern zoo only makes sense as an ally of all other institutions that toil to conserve biodiversity and protect the environment. We know that we haven't explained the work we do in these areas that well, and we would like to do that better from now on. We bet that an updated definition of what a 21st century zoo is will help that!


Don’t miss this video that explains our objective and help us to disseminate it to obtain the definition that is right for us. 


The proposal that we are launching today is part of our communications campaign for this year that, within the framework of celebrating the Zoo’s 125th anniversary, aims to bring the new zoo model presented by the Barcelona City Council in recent months to citizens. It is based on deepening the basic mainstays of the activities of a modern-day zoo—education, conservation and research—with the challenge of making the Barcelona Zoo a foremost ally for biodiversity.