New customer service area for Zoo Club members and the general public

Zoo Club Area Zoo Barcelona


With the aim of improving the quality of service we provide to our Zoo Club members, the Zoo has had a new more accessible and more modern space open since 22 January. It replaces the old module from the end of the 90s located inside the grounds.  The new Zoo Club space is located outside the Zoo at the ticket offices on Carrer Wellington, making it easier for us to attend to queries from Zoo Club members and other visitors. Moreover, it will free up the ticket offices from some of the processes related to the Zoo Club, which previously had to be started at the entrance and concluded inside the Zoo. Further, the new space will also handle customer service and information for visitors, and thus is in a larger and more suitable setting for helping out the general public.


The design considered efficiency criteria, with large windows that let in natural light, and low consumption lighting inside. It has also taken ergonomic factors into account, providing improvements both for employees and for visitors, as well as being equipped for people with reduced mobility.


Designed as a multifunction space, there are new sales terminals with digital tablets for signing up for the Zoo Club online, and also a double screen detailing all the advantages of the Zoo Club, the rules for members, rates and information of interest to help everyone plan their trip to the Zoo, adapted to different profiles.



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