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Caretakers and Veterinarians

Timetable: De 09:00 a 13:00 / De 09:00 a 16:30
Who hasn't wanted to be a zoo keeper at some point in their life? An introductory workshop to the world of animal welfare!
Trobades amb cuidadors - Lleons marins

Encounters with keepers

Timetable: De 11:30 a 12:00
Accompanied by our keepers, you will discover how sea lions interact and how we ensure their welfare at all times. Plus you will arrive just at their lunch time! What do you think they eat? Let’s see it together!
Trobades amb cuidadors - pingüins

Encounters with keepers

Timetable: De 13:00 a 13:30
Discover the importance of nutrition for this species and how we make sure each of our penguins gets its personalized diet. Our keepers know them individually and give them anything they need. ¿Shall we introduce them to you?  

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