Spaces in the Zoo

Gorillas area

This area is dedicated solely to the gorillas, the primates closest to humans in intelligence and feelings. It was inaugurated in 2006, and since then has housed a permanent exhibition that brings together all we know about this species. Using interactive systems, both children and adults can get to know at first hand the everyday life of these animals, how they communicate and which species are in real danger of extinction.  One of the most unusual items in the exhibition is the drawings made by some of the zoo gorillas.  Other particularly notable exhibits concern the work carried out by various scientists and conservationists concerned with primates.  This includes work carried out by Jordi Sabater Pi, Dian Fossey and Jane Goodall.

Snowflake, the white gorilla that became a symbol of Barcelona zoo and city, has a privileged position in the exhibition. You can get to know his story from when he was found in the jungle to when he became one of the most loved and admired gorillas.

The purpose of this facility as a whole is to serve as one more instrument for raising awareness of the need to respect primates and their environment and prevent their gradual disappearance.