Feeding the penguins

Zoo of Barcelona activities

Come to see how penguins eat! 


Every morning the feeding of the penguins in their facilities is announced over an intercom. At lunchtime, bird keepers get close to them with buckets full of fish. With clumsy steps or perfect diving, the penguins run and swim towards the food.  Jumps, flipper movements...they don’t want to lose their portion of fish!


Seagulls, cattle egrets, little egrets and other birds that visit the trees of the Zoo join the banquet. There’s for everyone!


The Zoo penguins are from the Humboldt specie ((Spheniscus humbodti) and adapt perfectly to the climate of the city, due to their precedence from Chile and Peru coasts, close to Equator, where they eat crustaceans, cephalopods and fish from the cold waters that brings the Humboldt ocean current.


Sometimes it is necessary to modify or cancel scheduled activities due to animal needs or if many incident that justifies it occurs.  


Dates: everyday

Schedule: Sessions will be announced through loudspeakers