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The Sagrada Familia school comes to join our wolfpack!

The P5 class has become part of our Iberian wolf pack.

They've learned from the parrot we have, how they hunt, that they feed in the wild and at the Zoo, how they communicate not only with sounds but also with the position of their ears, their tails, and whether or not they teach their teeth.

They have experienced what it feels like when a werewolf looks directly in the eyes, moments that they will never forget since they had a great time in front of the whole class !.


L'IES SEK visits endangered species!


Second grade ESO classes have come to visit us to see the endangered species we have at the Zoo.

They have learned about captive breeding (EEP) programs, how we reintroduce different species to their habitat in Catalonia ("in situ" conservation) or outside ("ex situ" conservation).

What are the problems in their habitats and how are they trying to solve them?

They have also become aware of the role our citizens play in helping many species by very simply changing the small behaviors and uses of materials or foods such as palm oil.


The Turonet school discovers the vertebrates

Today 3rd graders wanted to experiment and learn about the different types of vertebrates.

The skeletons, covers, reproduction and the senses have been worked out by manipulating different materials.

Then they could visit an example of each group of vertebrates with the help of their Zoo educator.

As you can see they not only learned but also had a great time !.


World Day of Environmental Education

After the day on the World Environmental Education Day carried out by the educators of the Education Area of ​​the Barcelona Zoo, we have been able to see that all our visitors are very aware of them. nature and its conservation.

The activities carried out were very well received and continued to help us add new Guardians of the Natural to our team.


L'escola Ramón Casas visita les aus


The P5 class has visited us today to discover the world of birds and they have all been able to visit them.

From those that are most endangered such as the Jacint macaw, to those that can walk on the water like the Jacana or the fastest swimming like the penguin.

They have noticed the nests and eggs so different that they exist, the colors so beautiful that some have and for what purpose, the different foods depending on their beak, the songs so spectacular ...


World Zebra Day

Today the protagonists are them ... the zebras.

January 31 is the world day of zebras and we wanted to carry out our activity: Do not scratch! In his honor.

The zebra has a wide range in eastern and southern Africa. They generally live in prairies without trees and savannah forests and are absent from deserts, jungles and marshes. Habitat for this species is declining, although zoos that are zoo are not extinct but are on the red list due to minor concern.


educació ambiental

26 by January: World Day of environmental education

The International Day of Environmental Education originated in 1975, the year in which the International Seminar on Environmental Education took place in Belgrade. This event established the principles of environmental education within the framework of United Nations programmes. As a result, Belgrade's letter was published, which embodies the fundamental demands of environmental education.


Zoo Day: Zookeeper for a day

The children who participated in Zoo Day have access to aquarama cooking, feeding penguins and helping elephant caretaker prepare for boomerball. Enrichment is a key element in giving captive animals more opportunities for the animals to be able to carry out their natural behaviors and knowing it helps to see the important task that is being done at the Zoo level of conservation and research


trito 2

The cottage of the Tritó del Montseny


Welcome to the cottage of the Tritó del Montseny and take advantage of Christmas days to discover this endemic and endangered native species, as well as the conservation project being carried out for its recovery and reintroduction into nature.



viu el nadal 1

Live the Christmas

As we announced, activities to connect with Nature have not stopped during Christmas, There are still a few days to enjoy it ... do not miss the opportunity!

viu el nadal