A tour through the sculptural set of the Zoo

The Lady with the Umbrella

The Lady with the Umbrella

Joan Roig i Solé

Pre-modernist sculpture of a beautiful woman holding an open umbrella in her hand. From its unveiling in the city in 1855 is has been closely associated with Barcelona. It can be seen as an illustration in tourist guides and as part of tourist souvenirs sold in all the shops in Barcelona.


The sculpture in the zoo is a replica, which was made after an exhibition on the modernist (art nouveau) movement held in London around the middle to the 20th century to which the sculpture was lent. The original sculpture is kept in a Barcelona City Council municipal warehouse.

Lion - Zoo Barcelona


Installed into the Zoo on 1992 Agapit Vallmitjana 

A historic scupture created by the same sculptor as designed the Columbus monument lions at the Drassanes quayside and the Lion Hunter figure in Ciudadela Park. The sculpture in the zoo is a replica. The original is kept in a Barcelona City Council municipal warehouse. 

Dolphin - Zoo Barcelona


1965  Saperas

A stone sculpture which represents a dolphin and welcomes visitors to the Aquarama, the facility which was a turning point in the history of Barcelona zoo.

Children - Zoo Barcelona


1959  Elisa de Reverter 

A sculpture dedicated to childhood. 

Sleeping girl - Zoo Barcelona

Sleeping girl

1957 Claudi Tarragó 

A young girl in a sleeping position. 

St. Francis of Assisi - Zoo Barcelona

St. Francis of Assisi

1956  Pere Jou

A figure representing Saint Francis of Assisi, the patron saint of wild animals. It is also the patron saint of the Barcelona Zoo, and every year the workers celebrate this day with a floral offering that they put before this statue.

Genevieve of Brabant - Zoo Barcelona

Genevieve of Brabant

1952  Montserrat Junoy

A sculpture dedicated to the heroine in a medieval legend. In the story Genoveva of Barbante, wife of Siegfried de Tréveris, was falsely accused of adultery by her steward and condemned to death. She was pardoned by her executioner but fled and hid in a cave for many years with her son. There she was fed by a roe buck deer and was able to survive. One day Siegfried, who had discovered the steward´s treason and had had his wife executed, was hunting, chasing some roe buck deer through the wood when he discovered his wife's hiding place and was able to restore her to her rightful position. The sculpture in the zoo represents Genoveva de Brabante with her son arm in arm next to a roe buck deer. 

Hungry dog - Zoo Barcelona

Hungry dog

1978  Artur Aldomà

A bronze sculpture that represents an abandoned, hungry dog. This sculpture is a powerful work of art that has an immediate impact on the viewer's conscience, conveying a message that the zoo wants to reinforce: pets should never be maltreated or abandoned. 

Group of deer - Zoo Barcelona

Group of deer

1969 Núria Tortras 

A sculpture celebrating the life and work of one of the greatest creators of cartoon films, Walt Disney. It is a symbol for the zoo because the animals often had a leading role in his work. 

Group of eagles - Zoo Barcelona

Group of eagles

1929 Joan Borrell i Nicolau 

A representation of a set of wings. This is Barcelona Zoo's second oldest sculpture.