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From the Zoo, we offer exciting and educational experiences that will help you get to know and love our natural environment more.

Want to discover what habitats near and far are like, and the animals that live there? Do you want to know what we can do to preserve them? Do you want to see how we take care of the animals at the Zoo and give us a hand?

Come learn and work with us for nature!

Trobades amb cuidadors - Lleons marins

Knowing the sea lions

03/06 - 05/06   -   Timetable: De 11:30 a 12:00
Accompanied by our keepers, you will discover how sea lions interact and how we ensure their welfare at all times. Plus you will arrive just at their lunch time! What do you think they eat? Let’s see it together!
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03/06 - 05/06   -   Timetable: De 13:30 a 14:00
Do you want to know why hypos are the most feared animals in Africa? Do you know why they spend most of the time in the water? We will answer to these questions and will explain other curiosities and much more in this entertaining, inspiring talk. Don't miss it!
Encounters with keepers - Invertebrats

Invertebrats lab

05/06 - 05/06   -   Timetable: De 10:15 a 11:00
Come discover the world of invertebrates with our keepers and how these animals sometimes invisible to the eyes hide curiosities which are essential.
Trobades amb cuidadors - bisonts


05/06 - 05/06   -   Timetable: De 12:15 a 12:45
European bisons are the relatives of the prehistoric bisons that became extinct. Thanks to the task of the zoos, they are again populating the forests of our continent. Come see them close and discover many curiosities about these animals with our keepers.
Encounters with keepers - tortoise

The giant tortoise

05/06 - 05/06   -   Timetable: De 13:00 a 13:30
The giant tortoise is one of the more long-lived animals of the world. They can live more than 100 years! Come discover more things about these reptiles and how the Zoo Works for their welfare and conservation.