Quality Policy


Mission and values


The Barcelona Zoo, a public organisation reporting to the Barcelona City Council, has the primary mission of helping to conserve the world’s wildlife and biodiversity, complementing its work with that of other zoos, administrations, institutions, university and scientific centres.

To achieve this, decided and firm actions must be done in the field of education and entertainment to raise awareness on respect for animal species, habitats and general ecosystems.

Moreover, the Zoo contributes to expanding scientific knowledge—essential for conservation—through its own research and collaboration with other research centres. 

The values that are implicit in the Zoo’s work are transparency, sustainability, commitment and the wish to be at the service of nature and of society.


Commitment to society


The Barcelona Zoo takes on a serious commitment with society in order to:

  • Develop and participate in breeding and research programmes Contribute to initiatives centred on study, research, investigation and dissemination
  • Promote knowledge of biodiversity via educational and training activities and by participating actively in the scientific arena, with a specialised team of experts
  • Work to foster and house animals representing the world's main biogeographical regions, under optimal conditions
  • Organise social actions for disadvantaged groups and assure their stay and accessibility in light of their personal conditions
  • Work under energy efficiency and resource sustainability criteria



Commitment to visitors


  • Provide time at the Zoo that is pleasant with a high cultural and educational content
  • Have a complementary range of services available to guarantee visitors’ complete satisfaction
  • Have a team of employees who behave respectfully and are friendly and efficient
  • Keep the facilities in an optimal state of cleanliness and security, with a good image
  • Have effective communication channels that ensure that claims and suggestions are handled and responded to within 15 days


Commitment to personnel


  • Provide ongoing and suitable training with the aim of maximising employee skills and contributing to their personal development
  • Uphold a climate of respect that fosters work being done well and good labour relations
  • Establish two-way communication channels that are reliable and efficient
  • Carry out our work always watching over employees' safety and health


Commitment to providers


  • Establish trusted relationships of responsibility with our providers and collaborators, which guarantee the quality of the products and services procured
  • Offer tools so that commercial relations with our providers are more efficient
  • 30 day payment commitment
  • Foster practices of social responsibility in the value chain



B:SM senior management shall review this management policy on an annual basis to assure that it continues to be valid, with the aim of advancing in continuous improvement.


Marta Labata i Salvador
General Director
23 February 2018


Everyone with a civic and responsible attitude is invited to become involved with the Zoo and participate in continuously improving our services and, therefore, boost the quality of life in our city.


We offer provide official complaint forms at the request of clients at the Information Point on the zoo grounds. The Barcelona Zoo seeks to reply within 15 working days of receipt.