Quality Policy


The Barcelona Zoo has acquired a dual commitment, to society in general and to visitors in particular, who share the principles of major zoos around the world. Through our Quality Policy, we are obliged to examine and review a set of objectives in order to continually improve, while respecting an established legal framework.

To fulfil our commitment to society, we must:


  • Conserve and protect endangered species through breeding programs and research.
  • Promote awareness of biodiversity through education and training activities.

To fulfil our commitment to our visitors, we must:


  • Provide an enjoyable visit to the zoo with a high-level of cultural content.
  • Keep our facilities in excellent condition, and care for our animals - which are representative of the major biogeographic areas of  the world - in optimal conditions
  • Ensure maximum security for our visitors and the species we host.

To do this we must provide:


  • Detailed and comprehensive information about all species in different types of media.
  • Excellent customer service.
  • An Education Department which programs a wide range of activities for the general public and schools.
  • The Zoo Club, which serves to link the Zoo with individuals and families interested in wildlife and nature.
  • Food service, a shop and a small train, which complement the Zoo and make the visit more enjoyable.
  • Access to appropriate facilities for people with limited mobility.
  • Medical Service.
  • Security service.
  • Specialized technical staff who work in coordination with other zoos and aquariums, research and conservation centres, and major universities around the world.


Everyone with a civic and responsible attitude is invited to become involved with the Zoo and participate in continuously improving our services and, therefore, boost the quality of life in our city.


We offer provide official complaint forms at the request of clients at the Information Point on the zoo grounds. The Barcelona Zoo seeks to reply within 15 working days of receipt.