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Let's discover the world habitats

Today at the Zoo Camp we have learned about the environments different animals are adapted to.


menjar pimgüins


Over the first hours we have been able to feed the Humboldt penguins, which are adapted to live in the warm waters of South America’s western coast.



Zookepers and veterinarians: visit to the giraffes’ new house

The middle group of zookepers and veterinarians have enjoyed visiting the giraffes’ new house. Although the vision from the new facilities has improved greatly, there is nothing more exciting than seeing them closer and being told all the peculiarities of these curious animals from the zookepers.



Small explorers: bird feeders

With the farm’s manager support, the Small Explorers’ team has learned to monitor the feeders to be able to do it on its own. We will add, subtract, monitor the bird’s food... A very complete tracking activity!




Menjar per a ocells i dofins

Small explorers: enrichments and food

Today, small explorers have had the opportunity to hand an enrichment to dolphins and have been able to see birds from a very close distance when feeding them.


gelatina menjar ocell

Nens i nenes enriquiment

“The lion and the lioness” Project, from Mare de Déu del Roser School

Mare de Déu del Roser schoolchildren from les Planes have been working throughout 3 months on “The lion and the lioness” Project. They have been able to discover this animal’s wonderful world, the way it lives, the way it relates, what it eats, where he lives and the things we can do to protect him.