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The animals of the Zoo P5 of school Vidal i Barraquer


The children of P5 of the Vidal and Barraquer School have visited all the animals of the Zoo: penguins, Komodo dragons, the hiccups ... they have all been given an exciting welcome! We hope you have enjoyed the experience.


The Salvador Lluch school meets the giraffes

The students of P4 of Salvador Lluch School, have done the workshop "Meet the animals" to know more things about giraffes like: their alimentation, their habitat, their relations... Later, they have been able to go to the giraffes bedroom and their instalations.


Evolution workshop with the Montcau School

The students of the School Montcau- La Mola of 4rth ESO, have come to the Barcelona Zoo to do the evolution workshop to strengthen knowledges, discuss and argument, and also make some practical work by the direct observation of biological material.




The school Roig Tesalia do the biodiversity workshop

The students of 1rst of ESO of the school Roig Tesalia, organized in work groups, have learnt about the biodiversity of the planet. They also have learnt about the phylogenetic ordenation analysing biological samples or classifying species by the use of dichotomous keys.





Esplai el Nus discovers the functioning of the zoo

The boys and girls of l'Esplai el Nus, have come to the Zoo to discover by themselves, the functioning of this. They have been able to visit the vet and meet the veterinarians. They have also went to the elephants bedrooms.


Instal·lació de la sabana Africana

Learning how Zoo works

Today, kids have discovered how zoos work and how zookeepers take care of the animals in a best way possible.

 As we can look in the picture, kids took advantage of seeing the new lion’s facilities, we’re finishing to construct it right now, and you can see the animals there very soon. Today, lions are living in the old facility.

Observant un paó

The youngest group learn about oviparous animals

During this day, the youngest kids had luck to discover, thanks to the educators, how birds and reptiles breed. They have discovered birds and reptiles are born from the eggs and the eggs are different depend on the species.

They have visited different animals, but the most special animal has been the penguins. They have been able to feed them and observe their nests.

A mangabeis

The oldest group learning about viviparous animals

During this day, the oldest kids have learnt how the viviparous animals breed. In the early morning, kids have been able to feed kangaroos and mongooses.

After finishing booth tasks, kids have prepared the Mangabey enrichment, bamboo cane with honey on the top.   



The students of La Salle Bonanova met the animals

First grade girls and boys from la Salle Bonanova, have come to the Zoo to meet our animals. With the explanations of our educators and the experiences in the Zoo school, have became an experts about animals!