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Education Department organize an open house 9 and 10 June

It's important to show people how Education Department works during all year. For this reason, we organized an open house in 9th and 10th of June.

These days we're going to prepare a sample of all activities and workshops that we do during the year. So, teachers are able to see and make questions about all the activities from Education Department and try to choose the best for them.



Alumnes dels APS i les educadores del Zoo visitant el CRARC de Masquefa

The Zoo visits CRARC

A group of students from Salle Comtal School and Consell de Cent High School have visited CRARC facilities in Masquefa together with the Zoo. They have learnt lots of things about Hermann's tortoise and Mediterranean pond turtle. They learnt how manage and take care of them as well.


Tortugues del CRARC


Dia de Zoo_ Visitant a les Zebres

Zoo Day: Animals of the Zoo

When children have a day off to school, they can come to the Zoo and enjoy the great day!!

Children enjoyed such a very intense day while they were learning and discovering the most special animals from the Zoo. They have fed some animals, preparing enrichments for merkats and chimpanzees for one day. And obviously, they enjoyed the activities during all day.


Foto nens observant menjar a les zebres

A day next to zebras

Students from l'Escola Puigcerver have visited the Zoo in the second year of Primary School. They paid attention what the zebras ate. They enjoyed the tour guide while they learnt the most important things about one of the most striped animals in the Zoo.


Foto Ins Terra Alta

"The Zoo gets to school" visit...Gandesa

Our Education Team have visited Terra Alta High School from Gandesa today. We organized a educational lesson in english about endangered species in Africa. Students were in their first and second year of ESO.


nens i nenes instal.lació elefants

Learn about elephants with students P4 from Onze de Setembre school

Children from Onze de Setembre School met our three females elephans. Thanks to them they were able to learn about their habitat, their feeding, breeding, morphology and other special features. Besides, the educator talked about the importance of their conservation.


Taller de Nutrició

First Year of ESO Santa Dorotea, Workshop about Nutrition and Breeding

Students in their first year of ESO from Escola Santa Dorotea (Barcelona) came to the Zoo to study different aspects about animal nutrition and breeding. They analyze numerous animals structures and strategies come from two huge evolutionary forces: the necessity of feeding and the necessity of breeding. Thanks to this workshop, they were able to compare with human structures, they learnt lots of things and finally, they enjoyed it.  


Foto cavalls

Horsemen from Sant Nicolau de Canyelles School

P3 students from Sant Nicolau School learnt about plenty of things from this kind of animal and the rest of the equines who are living in the Zoo. The educator taught them how take care of them. They enjoyed the Farm tour guide very much.