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Foto nens observant menjar a les zebres

A day next to zebras

Students from l'Escola Puigcerver have visited the Zoo in the second year of Primary School. They paid attention what the zebras ate. They enjoyed the tour guide while they learnt the most important things about one of the most striped animals in the Zoo.


Taller de Nutrició

First Year of ESO Santa Dorotea, Workshop about Nutrition and Breeding

Students in their first year of ESO from Escola Santa Dorotea (Barcelona) came to the Zoo to study different aspects about animal nutrition and breeding. They analyze numerous animals structures and strategies come from two huge evolutionary forces: the necessity of feeding and the necessity of breeding. Thanks to this workshop, they were able to compare with human structures, they learnt lots of things and finally, they enjoyed it.  


Foto_Escola Montcau

Discovering animal vertebrates with Escola Montcau la Mola

Students from l'Escola Montcau la Mola carried out Vertebrate Evolution Workshop in their fourth year of ESO. Doing this Workshop, they were able to discover how different vertebrates have changed and adapted to new environments.



P4_Escola Josefina Ibañez

P4 students from Escola Josefina Ibañez do research about tigers

Today, little researchers from Escola Josefina Ibañez have visited us and they've been discovering the wonderful world of tigers. They've found out Tibor among the herbs and logs. Besides, they enjoyed visiting all felines in the Zoo during all day.