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Goodbye Anak !


Today we have taken off with the sad news of the disappearance of Anak, the matriarch of the dolphin group.

We can not explain the emptiness that leaves us all workers of the Zoo and many visitors who remember it forever.

We want to thank you for all that you have done educatively for us and the thousands of children who visit us throughout the year who have learned many things about dolphins with you and your family!


Haloween at the Zoo

Today the Zookepers and the Zoo educator have had very special helpers, among them they have prepared some terrifyingly fun enthusiasts to some animals in the Zoo.

The protagonist in all of them has been a pumpkin with different presents in the interior, you can already imagine that they have chosen a deal.

So, the meerkats, mangabeys, southern earthly calaos and leopard from Shri Lanka have passed a day of the most entertaining as you can see at the photos below.


Foto de grup

"Floquet de Neu" Awards ceremony 2019

Today we celebrated the delivery of " Floqyet de Neu" awards in its 16th edition for the best high school research work carried out during 2018.

During this year the educators have advised 72 students to do their TR and of these, 21 were presented to participate in this edition of the awards.

The delivery has begun with an introduction of the head of the Education Area: Isabel Martínez welcoming all attendees: winners, participants, families, tutors and institutional representatives of the Barcelona City Council.


Conscienciació mediambiental

Following the events of the environmental problems that have occurred in recent days, as we make the  camp: "Around the world in 80 species" we have traveled to see the Amazonian tapirs of the Zoo to discuss the fires caused in the Amazon, your home.

We have explained the great loss of biodiversity, both of animals and plants of the jungle that are disappearing. And not only that, also the tribes that live there.


Vertebrate workshop

The first and second school students of the Josep Maria Ciurana school have been able to experiment and test their senses. They have investigated with the help of the magnifying binocular glasses various structures of the vertebrates and have discovered how they reproduce.

They have also known all types of vertebrates on a route where educators have introduced different aspects of fish, amphibians, reptiles, birds and mammals.


Invertebrate workshop

Today the students of the first and the ESO of the Roca school have embarked on the fantastic world of invertebrates with a series of activities with biological material where they have been able to observe the most important characteristics of the different groups. They have also been able to enjoy the experience of watching some of the most spectacular invertebrates on the planet.



Floquet de Neu awards to high school research works

The finalist works of the high school students last summer have already been selected. We congratulate you for your work!.

Soon the specialists will meet to decide who are the winners!.

We will keep you informed!.


Isabel Besora school visits us

The boys and girls of 3rd have gotten into the fantastic world of the zoo, despite the rain that has not stopped us since they were well prepared.

They have been able to visit incredible places such as the giraffe's bedroom, the operating room where animals are operated, or the store where with the food of the 2000 animals that live with us.

They have also discovered where the zoo's animals are from, how we help them and how we release them, to some of them, to their habitat.

Moment d'una activitat

World Awareness Day 22q11 Syndrome at the Zoo

One year the "red tide" has come to celebrate World Awareness Day 22q11 Syndrome at the Zoo. In the hands of a Zoo educator and with the help of the zookeeper, they

have been able to enjoy a morning full of activities and surprises with the animals of the farm.

educadora i nens


Today, some members of the Zoo Club have been able to recreate the trip of Captain Malaespina around the world and discover how the different animals found it and what problems we have on the planet at present while participating in different activities along a full journey of discovery .