We put at your disposal all the services you may need to enjoy a great day at the Zoo! Food services, shops, children’s games, medical service, lockers, among others. Find their location on the map.
Zoo Barcelona

Ergonomic child seats

Ergonomic child seats where you can leave your baby while you attend to your personal needs in those facilities. The chairs are made of natural materials that are appropriate for small children, and their design guarantees solidity and safety during supervised use.


Location: Wellington, Aviary, Terrarium, Farm and Earth dragons.


Zoo Barcelona

The cabins

The Zoo has three cabins distributed around the park: the cabin of the Tigers, of the Parlament and of the The Lady with the Umbrella. They serve cold sandwiches for all ages, hotdogs with different sauces and toppings, and a large variety of drinks, snacks and ice-creams.


Opening hours: Depending on how busy it is

Zoo Barcelona

The eagles

If you love paella and fideuà (Catalan paella style pasta), this outside restaurant is the place for you! They serve seafood paella and Valencian paella, seafood fideuà and a very special recipe, the fideguay! Designed especially for the little ones and whipped up with hotdogs, bacon and cheese. There are also farm products, like chicken and pork brochettes and pork sausages. Sides include chips and grilled vegetables.


Opening hours: Depending on how busy it is

Zoo Barcelona

Al natural

If you’re hungry, right at the Ciutadella Park entrance you’ll see this kiosk with a wide selection of cold sandwiches, hotdogs prepared when you order, cold and hot drinks and snacks. You can also order fruit and detox juices, fruit salad and fresh fruits.


Opening hours: Depending on how busy it is

Zoo Barcelona

El terrarium

On this terrace outside the Terrarium building, they serve up spaghetti bolognese and macaroni, pasta carbonara, fun salad and fruit salad cups, pizza, cold and hot sandwiches, celiac options and a children’s menu. All in the purest Italian style!


Opening hours: Monday to Sunday of 10 p.m to 17:00 p.m

Zoo Barcelona

La Granja (farm) self-serve

At the Farm self-serve, with a kiddy play area and a children’s menu, each person can make their meals according to their tastes from the buffet of salads, paellas, pizzas, pastas and fish and meat dishes, with a selection of sides and desserts.


Opening hours: Weekends and holidays of 13 p.m to 16 p.m.

Zoo Barcelona

La Granja (farm) café

At the Zoo Farm, next to the children’s playground, you can try out the stellar dish of its café—rotisserie chicken—as well as fresh salads, pizzas, a wide range of sandwiches and sides, celiac options and a children’s menu.


Opening hours: Monday to Sunday of p.m 10:30 to 17:00 p.m

Nursing room - Zoo Barcelona

Breastfeeding room

In the Barcelona Zoo we have a nursing room located in the children's area of the farm so you can enjoy a comfortable space to meet the needs of food and hygiene of your baby.

Changing rooms in the toilets - Zoo Barcelona

Changing rooms in the toilets

There are diaper changing rooms in many of the Zoo’s toilets, including in the Terrarium, the Dolphinarium, the Aviary and the entrance on Carrer Wellington.

Children’s games - Zoo Barcelona

Children’s games

In the middle of the Zone, in front of the Cuban flamingo exhibit, there is a playground for children which includes games for kids with reduced mobility. There is also another games area for children at the Zoo Farm.

Free Lockers

Free Lockers

Visit the Zoo in greater comfort with the new luggage lockers.


You can now leave your heavy belongings for free in our new lockers located at the Zoo’s two entrances.

Bicycle parking - Zoo Barcelona

Bicycle parking

Come to the Zoo on a bike! You can park it at the two Zoo entrances.


(Out of service temporarily) Outdoor bicycle parking in front of the entrances.

Accessibility - Zoo Barcelona


All of the Zoo’s exhibits and facilities are adapted for people with reduced mobility. 


Information Point - Zoo Barcelona

Information Point

Any doubt about your visit? Go to the Information Point! It is located at the ticket offices on Carrer Wellington.

Medical Service - Zoo Barcelona

Medical Service

You can find it next to the shop located by the entrance on Carrer Wellington, in the middle of the Zoo.

Picnic areas - Zoo Barcelona

Picnic areas

What better way to relax than having a picnic at the Zoo? There are four picnic areas available for visitors (look for them on the map). Please use the recycling bins next to the tables and help us take care of the environment!

Shops - Zoo Barcelona


Get a gift from the Zoo! the Zoo shops, located at the two park entrances, for articles related to the animals and nature.