October 6th, Sight for Everyone in Catalonia Day 2018

Jornada Visió per a tothom a Catalunya 2018
Photo FRMB


This Saturday, 6 October, from 10.00 am to 7.00 pm, the Fundació Ramon Martí i Bonet against blindness, is organising its fifth family charity day at the Barcelona Zoo.



The reason for organising this day is to raise public awareness on the importance of receiving ophthalmological assistance to ensure their good visual health, and also to raise funds for the project ‘Sight for Everybody in Catalonia’, whose purpose is to promote and provide visual health to people who are under the threshold of social and financial wellbeing.



Eye disease or poor eyesight that is not detected in time can have extremely negative consequences for children, like school failure that could have been avoided, and the consequent difficulty in accessing higher studies or occupational training that could match each of their skills and limitations.



To participate in this charity day, just buy your ticket at Zoo ticket offices at half price for adults and free for children under 12 if you buy some charity eyeglasses or a charity children’s story for €5.*



We’ll be waiting for you at the Zoo, with so many things to experience and see!



Besides this project in Catalonia, the Ramon Martí i Bonet Foundation has developed  projects in other places around the worldwhich you can also help with.



 * Up to 2.000 charity tickets.